word of the year : 2017

fortune favors the BOLD.


lets just clear the elephant in the room here and let it be known that it is totally acceptable to get around to your new year’s goals in the fourth month of said year. this is a judgment free zone. a safe space, if you will… so even though i committed to a word to focus on in january, writing about it now is pretty much the same thing as if i started on jan. 1 – hashtag samesies.

moving on.

i spent a week before the start of 2017 really trying to focus on some goals for the year – both for myself, personally, and for me and the kids together. not necessarily resolutions, but things we could work towards. i made several categories and listed things in each category that i wanted to improve on or accomplish in the coming year. lemme tell ya, making these lists became a little overwhelming – but i had specific things in mind that i felt needed prioritized. while perusing social media, i noticed that some of my friends also pick a Bible verse for the coming year – how had i not thought of that before?! i started looking in the Word to find a scripture fitting for this season of life, only instead of finding a specific verse… i found a specific word… BOLD.

whether it’s a meaningful journey of growth or ends in a super flaming dumpster fire, i’m going to try my best to follow this word that’s been placed on my heart this year – this is one of my struggles of being bold v. girl-please-no-don’t, this blog…

it oughta be good either way 😉

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